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For consumers
Become a changemaker in your everyday life.


Every tiny action and every sustainable purchase counts towards a sustainable future. On the bgood platform consumers enjoy a gamified experience that rewards them for acting and buying sustainably and enables them to make the world better together with our partners.

Planting the Seeds
for a better world


Act and buy sustainably:
On our platform consumers learn more about their environmental impact and how they can consume sustainably.



Get rewarded with Seeds:
Consumers get rewarded with Seeds for taking sustainable actions and buying sustainable products.



Support projects and track your impact:

Consumers can use their Seeds to do good and support sustainable products. They can also track their impact and compete with others in the rankings.



Act and buy sustainably

On our platform consumers can do good, see their impact grow in real-time and get rewarded with Seeds for everyday actions like reusing their bag or buying more sustainable options. We want to help consumers become change makers in their everyday lives in a simple and playful way. 

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Support sustainable projects

After collecting Seeds consumers can donate them to support projects from social or environmental initiatives all over the globe. 


Be part of a movement

Our platform is all about creating a positive change together with thousands of others. By joining, consumers can not only track their own impact in real-time, but can observe how all users can make the world better every day together.

What others say

I had such a great time planning and creating new content for goodbag. I loved the collaboration with goodbag especially because of the easy conversation and supportive planning with the team.

Florina Berg,

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